March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008
“The pupil who is never required to do what he cannot do,
never does what he can do.”

--John Stuart Mill

I'm very pleased to report that Mr. Daniel Le Roch, Vice-Président of AFEP has agreed to join
Mme Florence Créneguy for this Thursday's (March 27) discussion on Grade Skipping/Acceleration/Frustration and Boredom in School. Mr. Le Roch will try to address us in English and Mme Créneguy, in addition to her own presentation, will be there to help with the translation.

There were enough people interested in keeping the meeting set for this Thursday March 27, 19h30-22h00. We are grateful to Mme Sophie Côte for recommending Mr. Le Roch to us. The current president of AFEP is Mme Vlinka Antelme, and we hope that she can join us in the future. (AFEP leaders: on the left column, click on
'presentation' then click on 'organigramme')

If you have not RSVPd and would like to do so, please send in your email soon.
RSVP is essential:

We need all the help we can get in connecting with our French counterparts who have a deeper understanding of the politics and laws involved in helping gifted children in France, and how to better work with the schools on this issue.

If you want to see AFEP's upcoming meetings and activities please visit: You will note that they have two events
planned for this Friday and Saturday: March 28 in Rambouillet; and March 29 in Lille.

Reading material: A Nation Deceived: How Schools
Hold Back America's Brightest Students; --Position Statement: ACCELERATION; --The Acceleration
Question: Should Gifted Children Skip Grades?

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