March 2, 2008


We are organizing three or four Spelling Bee events, which will culminate with a final competition on Sunday June 8 at the American Library in Paris. I'm pleased to report that ALP Chairman Charles Trueheart is very enthusiastic about this project. Mr. Trueheart has offered us the use of the library for the final competition, which will be open to participating children and their families. Leading up to the competition, we will host educational meetings and mock-competitions to train the spellers. Please note that we are making this up as we go along, and your support (physical or moral) is very much appreciated.

In order to participate in the June 8th Final Competition, each child must attend at least two of the following events:

Must RSVP:

Sunday, March 16 15h00-18h00prox
Watch the movie Akeelah and the Bee, review words, and rules
Sunday, March 30 14h30-18h00prox
Watch the documentary Spellbound, practice spelling out loud

Sunday, April 6 15h00-17h00
Training, mock competitions, having fun!
Sunday, May 18 15h00-17h00
Training, preliminary competition.

Sunday June 8, 15h00-17h30prox
Final Spelling Bee Competition
American Library in Paris
10, rue du Général-Camon, 75007

This event is open to any child interested in participating in a Spelling Bee, and mostly having fun. This will be a learning experience for everyone involved, including the organizers! The purpose is to meet, have fun and learn to spell!

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