April 6, 2008

Thursday April 17, 2008
RSVP: by April 14

We would like to provide a parent-to-parent forum for you to consider these questions: Are you feeling uncomfortable with your child’s education or educational options here in Paris? Do you wish you had more time with your child? Are you interested in Homeschooling but feeling insecure about teaching?

There are English-speaking Homeschoolers in Paris and Homeschooling is legal here, although not common. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about Homeschooling as an alternative to regular school. While it is not for every family, if it’s an option you want to learn about, please join us. There are many choices for Homeschoolers -- from internet curriculum to French correspondence courses. We are not experts on Homeschooling and will not have specific legal information, but can answer some general legal issues and can point you to the French legal info. We will have both current Homeschool parents (children between ages 5 and 11) and an American who was homeschooled and is now an adult living & teaching in Paris.

If you have specific questions, please send them ahead to homeschoolinginparis@gmail.com so we can better prepare for our evening together. If you are homeschooling or know about legal issues, please don't hesitate to join us and offer us your input.

We hope to build a network of Homeschoolers and those who want to stay in touch for future considerations.

This event is sponsored by Gifted in France & Message, and is open to all families who are interested. RSVP is essential!

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