October 12, 2012

October 12, 2012
The first and simplest emotion we discover
in the human mind, is curiosity." ~ Edmund Burke

Little Mad Scientists' Club Paris
presents two more workshops
coming up with Matt Black

How Animals Prepare for Winter -- Sunday November 18
All About Teeth -- Sunday December 9  
Sunday November 18, 15h00-16h30
When winter comes, we put on coats, turn on our furnaces, make hot chocolate to keep warm, and get warm blankets for our beds – but what do animals do?  Come learn about the different ways animals prepare themselves for winter by playing the migration game, playing the winter animal quiz, or maybe even turning into a bear.
To RSVP, please email Heather at and fill out the online form for “hibernation” by October 18th, latest. Payment must be received before October 21st to secure your spot. Cost: 12
Sunday December 9, 2012 15h00-16h30
Teeth are like bones, they're alive! What’s the hardest part of your body?  How does sugar harm your teeth?  How can you keep your teeth protected?  Come find out the answers to these and many other questions through a series of experiments and demonstrations with Matt.  And don’t forget to bring your teeth!
To RSVP,  please email Heather at and fill out the online form for ‘teeth” by October 18th, latest. Payment must be received before October 21st to secure your spot. Cost: 12 €

To reserve your spot for the November 18 and December 9 sessions, please be sure to follow steps 1-3 below, for each activity, by October 18th:
  1. Please note the age group, location and date, then email Heather Duncan-Whiteman at gifmadscientists@gmail.com  Subject: Animals Nov 18, or Teeth Dec 9.
  2. Registration form: fill out the online registration form by clicking here .
  3. Participation fee, 12€, for each activity, must be received in advance to secure your spot.  Check payable to Gifted in France. First come, first served. Confirmation is sent once payment is received.   Please note that payment is non-refundable as we have fixed costs associated with this activity.
  4. Location: 75007 Paris, metro line 12 : rue de Bac. The address will be mailed following confirmation.
Many thanks to Heather Duncan-Whiteman and Rozanna Drago for hosting the Little Mad Scientists' Club in Paris.   

LMS in Le Vesinet:   For LMS activities being held in the Le Vesinet area, please email gifmadscienceinburbs@gmail.com, attention Christina and Jackie. The next LMS events in Le Vesinet are scheduled for Saturday November 17th -- Animals Getting Ready for Winter, and Sunday December 16 -- Light Olympics. A separate announcement will go out tomorrow for the Le Vesinet sessions.  
Future Mad Science events: Please note that we have more Little Mad Scientists activities with Matt in central Paris and Le Vesinet locations. Upcoming events will include: how animals prepare for winter, teeth and skeleton, plant and plant parts, compasses, etc. Furthermore, we are planning a small science expo with our budding scientists in the Spring of 2013. We need a team of parents to help with logistics, and planning.   

About Matt Black: Matt Black has been a professional educator for almost two decades, and has always loved making music fun for kids. His interactive performances incorporate humor, movement, silliness, singing, and even some (gulp) learning. Apart from his work as a musician, Matt is a science teacher at the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris, and has previously served as an educator and program director for the Connecticut Audubon Society and the New Canaan Nature Center in Connecticut.  He was formerly on the Executive Board of the Connecticut Outdoor and Environmental Education Association, and has also served as a lecturer at Yale University and with the Yale Alumni College Abroad program. You can learn more about Matt at www.musicwithmattblack.com.
Gifted in France is a loi 1901 non-profit association. GiF does not endorse speakers or their material, but aims to provide a wide variety of ideas and discussions about the educational, emotional and social needs of the gifted and twice-exceptional population. In addition to meetings for parents, GiF also organizes science and creativity workshops for kids, as well as the annual Paris Spelling Bee, which is a community-wide enrichment event open to children in CE2-4ème. 
Best regards,
Helen Sahin Connelly

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