April 6, 2008


Squeeze the Juice Out of Your Universe

with Heidi Mordhorst, author of

Squeeze: Poems from a Juicy Universe
Sunday April 13, 2008
ages: 8-12
RSVP: by April 8th giftedinfrance@gmail.com
(limited space, open to 12 children)

Wherever you are

is somewhere sour or sweet—

a lemon heaven

full of juice to squeeze.

When you’ve noticed something that no one else has ever noticed, when something makes you wonder, when something strikes you strange or funny, a poem is the perfect way to capture it. And it only takes a few juicy words to make a good poem.

Come notice, read and write with a writing teacher

who thinks a poem should sound good to your ears

and feel good in your mouth!

(more information about Heidi: www.heidimordhorst.com)

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