February 20, 2012

You are your song...

February 20, 2012
“As a songwriter, if you can touch people 
and make them feel a little less alone in the world, 
then you've done your job." 
Tom Coltrane

with Songwriter, author Pedro de Alcantara
Sunday March 18, 2012
15h30-17h30, Space limited to 12 (for ages 9-14+)

Workshop description:
Write your own songs from scratch! Suitable to all styles, including wordless and tuneless. No previous fame required.  Pedro de Alcantara is a composer and improviser. In his latest CD, "Songs & Soundscapes," he plays the cello, the piano, and the accordion, and he sings and whistles. Plus there's a whole track of howling.  

About Pedro de Alcantara:
Pedro’s recently released CD, "Songs & Soundscapes,” is the result of three years of sonic adventures, it contains fifteen improvisations and compositions that have been variously described as “tribal classic,” “shamanic jazz,” and “the universal folk music.” Read more about Pedro’s published books, music, etc., on his website and see his recent CD on this youtube link. http://www.pedrodealcantara.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/integratedmusician?feature=mhee

We are grateful to Pedro for taking time from his busy schedule of writing and traveling to share his passion with Gifted in France.

See you soon.
Helen Sahin Connelly

Owls on the prowl...

February 20, 2012
“A wise old Owl sat on an oak; The more he saw the less he spoke;
The less he spoke the more he heard; 
Why aren't we all like that wise old bird?”
Little Mad Scientists' Club presents
Owls on the Prowl with Matt Black
Sunday March 18, 2012
15h00-16h30, Space limited to 12 (for ages 5-7)
Workshop description: What animal is armed with razor sharp talons, can fly as silently as a moth, can detect its prey even in pitch darkness, and is strong enough to hunt animals twice its weight?  Owls are among the champions of the predator world, with amazing adaptations that make them some of the most powerful, stealthy and deadly hunters in any habitat where they live.  Come join Matt Black, science teacher at the Lennen Bilingual School and children’s musician based in Paris, for a first-hand look at these incredible nocturnal predators and some of the special adaptations that make them unique in the animal world.  And for a special treat, we’ll actually dissect their pellets (coughed-up lumps of undigested fur and bones of the animals they’ve eaten) to see what prey they’ve been hunting!  Each student will receive his or her own sterilized pellet to dissect with Matt’s help.
To reserve your spot
1.       Please email Julie Harris, before March 11 at julie.harrisguiader@gmail.com Subject:  Owls On the Prowl!  EVENT IS FULL.
2.       Participation fee: 12 euros, must be paid in advance to secure your spot. Check payable to Gifted in France, Address: 39 ave de Versailles, 75016.
Please note that payment is non-refundable as we have extra expenses associated with this activity.
About Matt Black:
Matt Black has been a professional educator for almost two decades, and has always loved making music fun for kids. His interactive performances incorporate humor, movement, silliness, singing, and even some (gulp) learning.

Apart from his work as a musician, Matt is a science teacher at the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris, and has previously served as an educator and program director for the Connecticut Audubon Society and the New Canaan Nature Center in Connecticut.  He was formerly on the Executive Board of the Connecticut Outdoor and Environmental Education Association, and has also served as a lecturer at Yale University and with the Yale Alumni College Abroad program.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and was the editor of the Franklin Watts Encyclopedia of the Environment among several other science and environmental publications for children. You can learn more about Matt at www.musicwithmattblack.com.

We look forward to nurturing the Little Mad Scientists' Club in the weeks and months ahead. We welcome and encourage parents to lead talks, do show-and-tell, and share their expertise.
Thank you Julie for hosting Matt’s workshop. We hope to hear from more parents who can host other workshops for curious minds.

Best regards, 
Helen Sahin Connelly