January 28, 2012

coping with anxiety...

January 27, 2012 
“I still have pretty much the same fears I had as a kid.
I’m not sure I’d want to give them up;
a lot of these insecurities fuel the movies I make.”
Steven Spielberg

Dear Friends,

Please join us for a viewing of Michele Kane’s webinar on:
Stress, Anxiety and Gifted:
Coping with Everyday Life
90-minute Recorded Webinar Presentation
featuring Michele Kane Ed.D.
Thursday February 16, 2012  – Two presentations, choose one.
Morning   11h30-14h00 (bring your lunch)
Evening   19h30-22h00 (bring a light snack for the table)
RSVP: Deadline mandatory by February 12
EMAIL:giftedinfrance@gmail.com, Subject: Coping With Everyday Life. Please specify which time you are attending.  Minimum attendance of 5 people is required. First come-first served. Space limited.                          
5 euros for GiF members, 10 euros for non-members. (Checks payable to Gifted in France must be mailed in advance: Gifted in France, 39 ave de Versailles, 75016 Paris.
HANDOUTS: Slides of the PowerPoint will be distributed. Please reserve your spot in advance so copies can be prepared by February 13
LOCATION:Paris, 75016 (near Radio France.)
Description of the Webinar:
Perfectionism, sensitivities, moral concerns, peers, expectations, and career confusion are only some of the issues facing gifted youngsters. This Webinar examines the sources of stress as well as explores specific strategies designed to minimize stress and develop self-awareness. In the webinar, Ms. Kane points out that stress is universal and experienced by everyone, and that “being bright, talented, creative, motivated, smart, ambitious, and even good looking can add to the stress in your life.” “Academic success and drive aren’t enough to make life manageable. The world is too complicated and intense, and it’s changing too fast.” She adds, “There are no easy answers, simple solutions, or quick fixes for managing stress” but says, “You can learn to understand why your life gets oppressive, depressive, stressed or otherwise unhealthy. You can learn to live in a new and better way.”  Webinar is presented in PowerPoint format.
About Michele Kane:
Michele Kane, Ed.D. is an Associate Professor and the Coordinator of the Master of Arts in Gifted Education Program at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. She is the past President of the Illinois Association for Gifted Children and former Chair of the Global Awareness Network of the National Association for Gifted Children. A major focus of Michele’s work is related to parenting gifted children, social and emotional needs of gifted learners, and the affective aspects of educational programming.

This Webinar was organized and hosted by SENG. Please join us and invite your partner, caretaker, friends to participate in this information-rich session.

Gifted in France
is a loi 1901 non-profit association. GiF does not endorse speakers or their material, but aims to provide a wide variety of ideas and discussions about the gifted and twice exceptional population.

Finally, please take some time to read the two attachments, which you will find very useful in understanding your ‘intense,’ gifted children, relatives, partners, coworkers. Printing these articles and keeping them in your library could also be useful.
a.    Forms and Expressions of Intensity, Lisa Rivero recaps Piechowski.
b.    The Inner World of the Young and Bright, by Michael M. Piechowski
(thanks Michalis for forwarding this chapter to GiF from the book: Morality, Ethics, and Gifted Minds, by Cross and Ambrose.)

Best regards,
Helen Sahin Connelly
President, Gifted in France



January 13, 2012

Water Olympics...

January 13, 2012

Little Mad Scientists' Club presents
Water Olympics with Matt Black
Sunday January 29, 2012
15h00-16h30, Space limited to 12 (for ages 5-7)

Dear Friends,

Water is all around us, and yet we often take it for granted - it's actually an amazing substance capable of spectacular feats of strength, flexibility, power and quick changes unlike anything else on Earth!  Come compete in the Water Olympics in this workshop with Matt Black, science teacher at the Lennen Bilingual School and children's musician based in Paris, who will help us put water to the test in a series of challenges - including the Droplet Race, the Satura-thon, and the Volume Relay - designed to push it to its unbelievable limits!
To reserve your spot
1.Please email Julie Harris: Update: Event is now FULL.
2.Participation fee: 10 euros, must be paid in advance. 

About Matt Black:
Matt Black has been a professional educator for almost two decades, and has always loved making music fun for kids. His interactive performances incorporate humor, movement, silliness, singing, and even some (gulp) learning.

Apart from his work as a musician, Matt is a science teacher at the Lennen Bilingual School in Paris, and has previously served as an educator and program director for the Connecticut Audubon Society and the New Canaan Nature Center in Connecticut.  He was formerly on the Executive Board of the Connecticut Outdoor and Environmental Education Association, and has also served as a lecturer at Yale University and with the Yale Alumni College Abroad program.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and was the editor of the Franklin Watts Encyclopedia of the Environment among several other science and environmental publications for children. You can learn more about Matt at www.musicwithmattblack.com.

We look forward to nurturing the Little Mad Scientists' Club in the weeks and months ahead. We welcome and encourage parents to lead  talks, do show-and-tell, and share their expertise. 

Thank you Julie for hosting Matt’s workshop. We hope to hear from more parents who can host other workshops for curious minds.

Gifted in France is a loi 1901 non-profit association. GiF does not endorse speakers or their material, but aims to provide a wide variety of ideas and discussions about the educational, emotional and social needs of the gifted and twice exceptional population. In addition to meetings for parents, GiF also organizes science and creativity workshops for kids, as well as the annual Paris Spelling Bee, which is a community-wide enrichment event open to children in CE2-4ème.  

Best regards,
Helen Sahin Connelly