October 13, 2011

Story of Stuff

October 13, 2011
Modern technology,
Owes ecology,
 An apology.
~Alan M. Eddison


Date and time: Sunday November 6, 2011 at 14h00-17h00
RSVP: Mandatory  
Email:  giftedinfrance@gmail.com, Subject: The Story of Stuff
Participation Fee:  10 euros / Checks payable to Gifted in France.
Location: 75016, near Radio France
Workshop led by: Corinne Coughanowr, Ph.D. Chemical Engineer, 
specializing in recycling, waste management and sustainability

We all know something about recycling, but have you ever wondered where all the stuff we buy comes from? What about where it goes when we throw it out? How often have we thought about all the steps that occur before that new iPod or T-shirt joins our possessions? How was it made, where did all the ingredients come from, who was involved…?

In this workshop, we will start with the short film “The Story of Stuff”, then look at the materials that make up our possessions, and start thinking upstream, downstream and in circles to understand the production and utilization of our everyday goods, and options for their “end of life."

This is an interactive workshop for kids, age 9-14+, parents are welcome to stay and participate as long as there is enough space.

We are grateful to Corinne for her time and interest in helping us understand The Story of Stuff!

See you soon,

Helen Sahin Connelly

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