October 3, 2011

Paris Science Fair

October 3, 2011
Dear Friends, 
In case you have not heard, here is some information about the two big SCIENCE events happening in Paris over the next couple of weekends - for  families and individuals as well as schools. Take a few minutes to walk through the links and RSVP where necessary.
October 6-11, 2011 - Museum of Natural History.  
Click here to go the page where you can choose and RSVP the films you want to see. They book fast. Great for the family, depending on the film you chose. Great location too! 

October 12-16, 2011 - throughout Paris, see links below.
Many science institutions and museums are participating in activities geared to schools, families and professionals. Some of the major museums like the Palais de la Decouverte and Cite des Sciences are open for Free to the public on 15-16 October. Other museums, universities, and institutions are also participating in this nation-wide festival.
Take a few minutes to look through the following links to choose something of interest. It can get a bit overwhelming when so many outlets schedule city-wide events, but hang in there, keep your searches simple and manageable for the family.a. go to this link for general info
    c. when you reach the link under 'b' then  --- chose your "region" "department," "villas," "Dates" (chose the weekend 15-16, unless you can go during the week; "types de public," will let you enter your desired age group, then hit return. A list of activities around Paris, for example, will be listed below. You can start your research over again, using different criteria.
See you soon.
More information from GiF coming your way soon. 
Best regards, 
Helen Sahin Connelly

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