November 23, 2010

21 November 2010
Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society.  
The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist the parachute. 
~Gil Stern

Dear Friends,

News Flash! Gifted in France was able to get a last-minute, sought-after tour slot!
We are pleased to announce a very special educational outing to the Musée Air + Espace: the Mécaniques du Vol! This unique event will take place Sunday, December 12 from 10h00 -16h00 at the museum, and is limited to 15 children (ages 11-18). The day will include a guided tour (in French) of the museum's Grande Galerie and an atelier led by the museum staff: Explanation is below and attached. First come first serve, payments must be received by 28 November, (this is a requirement by the museum).

Journée Mécanique du vol

Au cours de cette journée, chaque enfant alternera les activités suivantes :
  • Visite des collections du musée avec un jeu parcours de la Grande Galerie distribué à chaque enfant.
    (Durée de l'activité : 2h30)
  • Activités prises en charge par les animateurs du musée :
    Eléments constitutifs d’un avion (maquette, démonstrateur).
    Les forces en action (utilisation d’une soufflerie).
    Visite du Boeing 747.
    (Durée de l'activité : 2h15)
This event has been a year in the making by the museum! The cost for each person attending is 15 euros (does not include transportation costs). Parents must accompany children, or designate another adult (see below). We must have at least 5 adults to accompany our group to the museum.

We suggest you bring a bag lunch, in order to keep up with our guided adventure. It is a full, action-packed day!

WHAT:  Daylong-visit to the Musée Air + Espace (at Le Bourget)
(Duration 6 hours on-site)
WHEN: Sunday, 12 December, 2010
TIME:    10H00-16H00 on-site (Meeting place at Gare de Lyon at 09h00, returning there by 17h00), details to be confirmed.
WHERE:  Le Bourget
RSVP:  You must reserve your space and all payments must be made in full and received before November 28, 2010. Space is limited to 15 children. These fees are set by the museum for group tours. 
NOTE:  Children must be accompanied by an adult to the meeting point and we must have five adults going on site to the museum with the group.  If you wish to get their on your own, children and parents can meet us at the museum no later than  9:45.  Don't forget your bag lunch!

Please consider joining Gifted in France, a small but growing non-profit association.  We have many goals for this coming year, among them are to purchase our own video projector for presentations; more webinar recordings with experts in the field; and several hand-held GPS devices for geocaching/.educaching activities we hope to host for children via and other outlets. Please consider helping us with your time in sharing your expertise with children, with coordinating an outing to a museum, or being part of the community development and planning committee. This is a genuine plea as we can not accomplish much without your help.

We hope to see you all soon. Don't forget to send in your RSVPs and payment before 28 November - this event will fill up quickly.

Best regards,

Helen Sahin Connelly

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