August 13, 2010

The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that
the mind of man can ever feel.
--Claude Bernard (1813-78) French physiologist.

August 13, 2010

Science workshop for Kids 9-14+ years-old, see info below.

Sunday September 5, 2010
For Ages and Time: Two groups, two different times:
9-10 years-old: 12h00-14h00 (up to 8 kids per session)
11-14+ years-old and up: 15h00-17h00 (up to 8 kids per session)
Location: near Radio France, 16th
RSVP: by email before August 27th, space limited.
Stephen M. Elliott
The development of plasma fusion power plants will provide an abundant and environmentally clean supply of electrical power. Once fully developed, this method of producing electrical power will produce more energy than is needed by our growing population, will not contribute to climate change, and avoids the problem of high level radioactive waste.

Steve Elliott will present a seminar on plasma fusion
power. The seminar will cover basic fusion reactions, the principle of the tokamak fusion machine, several tokamaks in different countries, and the ITER tokamak being built in France.

If you are interested in the environment, energy, and big science, bring your ideas and join us. Steve's first workshop for GiF was in the fall of 2009 when he did a two-part series on Thought Experiment. He is based in Colorado and travels to Europe for his work once or twice a year.

More About Steve:
Stephen M. Elliott: In 1975 at the Scaife Nuclear Physics Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh, Stephen M. Elliott started working in charged particle physics. During his career, Mr. Elliott has worked on the development of ion beam sources, electron guns, linear accelerators, field emitting devices, magnetron sputtering cathodes, and plasma and ion deposited thin film coatings. In 1991, he founded Thin Film Consulting to provide charged particle beam device design and thin film process development services. In 1993, Mr. Elliott began using Vector Fields software for space charge beam device development. Since then, he has developed models for the simulation of X-ray tubes, neutron generators, plasma and surface ion beam sources, electron guns, cavity resonators, klystrons, and ion spacecraft thrusters.

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Helen Sahin Connelly
President, Gifted in France

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