September 17, 2010

13 September 2010
Go the extra mile.  It's never crowded. 

Dear Friends,

I hope your rentrée is going well.

I should have some meeting dates coming your way in the next few days.

In the meantime, I would like to invite you and your children to join us as we RUN or WALK the Odyssea race against breast cancer on Sunday 3 October.  Many of you already know of this race and know how much fun it can be for the family.  

This is the first year that Gifted in France is entering as a group. The race is open to children 8 and older, though there are child care/garderie arrangements by the Odyssea organizers, not GiF, for children who can't participate in the race. Space is limited in the garderie. We did the race as a family a few years ago and it was encouraging to see so many children running or walking alongside adults through the Esplanade du château de Vincennes  Click here for a map of the 5km route/path.

Just yesterday, I registered online for the whole family, it was quite easy and quick. You can register multiple people (family, friends) following their easy steps. 
Please do not feel obliged to do this event as a group, but if you wish to join us and walk together, here are some steps to follow:
  1. Register yourself and/or your family online or in person directly with the organizers as indicated on their website.Gifted in France is not authorized to register anyone, or take any payments. 
  2. Once you've registered, please email us at, Subject: Registered for Odyssea and we'll add you to the list of people interested in meeting up before the start of the race.
  3. Indicate names of adults registered and for which race. Also indicate name, age, grade of children registered to walk with you. Please also include cell phone numbers for your party.
  4. Indicate if you will be running or walking the 5k and/or 10k race. We (my family) are only registered to walk the 5k race for the moment. Please note that for  the 10k you need a doctor's note saying it's OK for you to participate in this event. See their website for information regarding this.
  5. Please NOTE: All children participating in the event must be accompanied by adults. GiF will not be responsible for looking after unattended children, or be responsible for children walking the race unaccompanied. We don't have the volunteers or the means to provide this accommodation at such a popular event.
  6. Here is the information you need to register:
·         Schedule of events for Sunday 3 October, note that the 10k runners start first
·         Link to register online: Once you start the first registration, the system allows you to keep adding names to your order, and give you a final receipt for payment at the end.
·         GiF Meeting time for the 5k race will be at 09h45, location to be determined. This gives you a chance to get there, retrieve your numbers, t-shirts, etc and find us. Warm ups, organized by Odyssea, are at 10h45. 5k race begins at 11h00.
·         Reminder: Once again, GiF will not be making any payments or taking in any registration. All these transactions must happen directly between you and the organizers of the race.
See you there, 
Helen Sahin Connelly
President, GiF

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