May 14, 2014

May 14, 2014
 "I asked mom if I was a gifted child. 
She said they certainly wouldn't have paid for me."
 ~Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) 

Dear Friends,

You are invited to join us for a meeting on understanding gifted children and their common and not so common characteristics. It will be held on Thursday May 22, 2014.  Choose from either midday or evening session. You are welcome to join us even if you've already attended this meeting in the past. 
Please feel free to pass the word to others who might be interested.

Gifted 101
Thursday May 22, 2014

Two presentations, choose one: 
Midday: 12h00-14h00 (Bring your lunch)
Evening 19h45-21h00 (Bring a small snack or a drink to add to the nibbles)
Location:  Paris 75016, Near Maison Radio France.  
IMPORTANT: Click here to reserve your spot. RSVP closes May 19. Space is limited, event is held at a private residence.
Participation Fee: Free for current GiF members and current Message members, 10€ for non-members. 
Payment needs to be mailed in advance to Gifted in France, 39 ave de Versailles, 75016. 

Two DVD presentations featuring, James T. Webb, 45 minutes each:
Followed by a brief discussion and getting to know other parents. 

"Dr.Webb describes the most common basic characteristics of gifted children and shows how/why some of these traits can actually result in underachievement, power struggles and failure to be recognized as bright."

B. D
"As they enter school, gifted children are frequently criticized for the very characteristics that make them who they are. Dr. Webb describes the traits, common behaviors, and challenges for gifted children from preschool through adolescence."

1. A useful book that is often used as a companion to the DVD is called: A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children, by Webb, Gore, Amend and DeVries.) I'll have a copy or two you can have a look at. 
2. What is Giftedness
3. Gifted 101

Join us! The Creativity - Innovation Challenge, July 7-10, 2014 

Paris College of Art, Gifted in France and Université Paris Descartes invite you to attend the 11th International Conference on Excellence in Education: Parents, educators, psychologists, administrators, university students and policy makers are invited to join presenters and keynote speakers from across the globe for discussions and workshops on several main themes on education trends, policies and best practices.  Keynote speakers include experts from Belgium, Canada, Hong Kong, the UK, the United States and UNESCO. Click here for a list of keynote speakers.  Discounted registration fees apply to local participants and friends of Gifted in France; please contact Follow us on Twitter  and on Facebook
Conference location: 
Université Paris Descartes
Centre  Henri Piéron
71, avenue Edouard Vaillant
92774 Boulogne-Billancourt

Thanks so much for your continued support. 
Best regards, 
Helen Sahin Connelly
President, GiF

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