October 11, 2009

October 10, 2009
Creativity requires the courage to let go of uncertainties.
~Eric Fromm

Dear Friends,

A special thanks to Mr. de Alcantara for his time and support of GiF.

Creativity Workshop with Pedro de Alcantara
Date: Sunday, November 22, 2009
Ages: 9 -13+
Cost: 10 €
RSVP: Open to all, but priority will be given to GiF members.
Must register in advance: Please submit the attached form by November 12th.

“How many things can you do with a broom? Well, you can sweep the floor, for instance, or you can use the broom to prop a door open. Wait, you can also use it as a pendulum, a baton, a weapon, a musical instrument… and you could even use it to fly over the moon. If you open your mind and your eyes, you’ll discover that every object in your life has the potential to do a hundred different things you never suspected before. Pedro de Alcantara will provide the objects, you provide the mind and eyes!"

Mr. de Alcantara is the author of two novels for young readers, Befiddled and Backtracked (available at Red Wheelbarrow ) as well as several works of nonfiction for adults. To learn more about him and his books for young people, visit www.pedrodealcantara.com

Gifted in France is a non-profit association that is self-funded. We are indebted to the families who’ve extended their support through their membership.

Kind regards,
Helen Sahin Connelly

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